Series Preview: Mets @ Brewers

The road trip continues as the Mets face the Brewers in a four-game series. Even without Granderson and Chris Young, it’s gonna be quite a matchup. The “Brew Crew” and The Mets go all the way back to 1998! The all-time record between the two is; Mets 62 wins, Brewers 48 wins. The odds are looking good. If your remember earlier this year, the Mets only have one win against the Brewers and that came along with Dice-K going six strong innings and a Daniel Murphy and a Taylor Teagarden home run! Now the Mets don’t have Teagarden in the Majors now but hopefully d’Arnaud will continue to hit. Now enough about history here’s the series probables:





This is just Dillon Gee’s third start back from the DL and he has been doing pretty good. He had one bad start after the All-Star break giving up four runs in just five innings. Zach Wheeler has his days where he can hold down the game for six or seven innings or he can go eight or nine innings giving up one run. The sophomore has been bringing his ERA down in his last 5 starts from 4.45 now at 3.78. Jon Niese is entering into his second start back from the DL and Gee has been doing pretty good, having a 3.13 ERA. Finally, Jacob deGrom has been on fire in his last 6 starts having a 1.59 ERA with 45 strikeouts. The RoY campaign continues for him.

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How can Jeremy Hefner help the 2014 Mets?

Jeremy Hefner was a huge surprise in 2013. He was one of the best pitchers in Baseball coming out of the break, up until he hurt his shoulder in late July and underwent Tommy John Surgery. His injury and Matt Harvey’s closed the book on the 2013 season, but now the Hefner is around 3 weeks away from returning.What can we expect if anything?

I hate when injuries ruin careers, and I fear that with the Mets pitching depth, Hefner might get overlooked, but there is a scenario where he becomes a vital part of the Mets staff. If Colon is traded, I could see Hefner bridging the pitching gap until Noah Syndergaard is ready for his call-up. Then and if Thor gets the call, I would keep Jeremy to create a 6-Man rotation, something we’ve seen the Mets and occasional other teams do in the past. I think a 6 man rotation is formidable because it would increase the depth and would give pitchers more rest to face the opponents, and also a 6 man rotation means pitchers like deGrom, Wheeler, Syndergaard would have to be shut down due to innings limits because of the extra rest, and you would also be able to get pitchers to the end of season, which is a self-accomplishment. If Bartolo sticks around (I’m really against this, the Mets staff would be weakened by a 42 year old Veteran who looks like he is nearing the end of his career) then whenever Jeremy is ready, you start the 6 man rotation, and when Thor is ready in September, you slot Hefner in the bullpen with the occasional spot-start. Of course having too much pitching is a great problem to have, as the Mets have other good starters like Dice-K and Carlos Torres available on-call. Hopefully we will see Hefner in 2 weeks time. It looks like he will make 2-3 more rehab starts before his long awaited call-up back from injury.

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#Mets Lineups

Eric Young Jr – LF
Daniel Murphy – 2B
David Wright – 3B
Lucas Duda – 1B
Bobby Abreu – DH
Travis d’Arnaud – C
Kirk Nieuwenhuis – RF
Juan Lagares – CF
Ruben Tejada – SS

The Mets try to snap a 3 game skid with Jacob deGrom on the mound versus Seattle.

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New “The Windup” Thursday at 5:30

deGrom will right the ship tonight

Tonight is Jacob deGrom’s biggest test. The Mets momentum is beginning to fade, the only chance we have is to win 2 out of 3 in Seattle and have a good weekend in Milwaukee. This presents the first must win game of the year for the Mets.
deGrom’s starts have all been good, but his last two were exceptional. The Mets need a quality start, and run support. It’s still July, but August is looming and then the end of the season, the Mets cant afford another slump, and they will need to re-write this road trip, starting tonight.

Posted by Niko Goutakolis

The new, New York Mets blogger


This summer Pepper will be welcoming an intern! His name is Mark Rogers and he will be working on the blog through the season!!!

So please welcome Mark!

My name is Mark Rogers. I am and have been a Mets fan since I was little. I am a part-time blogger who will probably post twice a week. I will post very opinionated post about what I think about the Mets. My twitter account name is Metsfan15MTR. Thank you for letting me blog
-Mark Rogers

10 years of Wright, 15 years of Me!

Hello, my name is Niko ( for those who haven’t bothered reading the sidebar or title caption) ,I was born on July 21st 1999 and I am very proud to be the youngest NY Mets blogger!

Today is the 10th anniversary of David Wright’s big-league debut with the Mets, which came on July 21, 2004.
Wright is having a poor season, at least for his lofty standards, but he’s been a helluva player since the first day he joined the Mets.
Now, growing up, I always had favorites among the Mets players, however it is fair to say that Wright has always been on the top of that list . In general the way he goes the Mets go.He slumps, the Mets are bad, he is hot the Mets are winning. He was always the face of the franchise, and in fact became the team’s “veteran” relatively early. He assumed that role after the departure of Carlos Beltran in 2011, while he was only in his 20′s !!! Anyway, good luck to Wright in tonight’s game, and Let’s Go Mets!


On the Rise: Steven Matz

Matz throwing a bullpen in Spring Training with Dan Warthen watching

Ever since Matz was drafted in the 2009 MLB June Amateur Draft by the New York Mets, Matz has been getting better and better. His combined ERA in 3 seasons in the minors in 2.39 . He’s logged just around a full season of starting pitching with 233 innings. (A major league starting pitcher that never has a DL stint averages 200 innings per year). Matz is 23 years old, and could get promoted as soon as next year, I assume that if he when he does get the call, he will become a valuable lefty specialist, mainly due to the fact that his SO9 (Strike out per 9) totals at 9.5 . Which is relatively high, and that is generally what lefty specialists are asked to do. (Imagine a starter getting 10 strikeouts every game!) At this moment it is fair to say Matz is the most highly sought lefty pitcher in the Mets organization!

Series Preview: Mets @ Padres

This weekend starts a very important road trip for the Mets. Coming off of the best baseball of the year, the Mets look to keep the good times rolling with the not-so-good Padres. Ending the first half on a high note, is always welcome, but the Mets have encountered recent difficulty bouncing back to start the second half. Here are some examples: In 2012, you might have forgotten that the Mets had an amazing first half, going  46-40. Johan Santana was good, Dickey was amazing, and the bats were alive. The Mets then lost 11 out of 12 games to drop them out of contention in a very powefull NL East. Lets go back to 2011, the Mets were 4 games above 500 on July 29th, when the Amazins crashed and lost 6 out of 7 and never recovered. 2010, same story, we were 10 games above 500 on July 6th, we then lost 10 out of 12, and played 500 ball the rest of the way and finished 2 games below 500. Last year was the worst year of all, the whole season was a joke, we stopped sniffing 500 in May, but this year there IS something different. The momentum, the weak division, the abundance of young talent, and the fact that there is a lot of baseball left gives us lots to cheer about, so know we head into this series where the Mets face the Padres.



Bartolo Colon, who is on the trading block, could make his last start with New York tonight, however it will all depend on what the Mets receive.
AAA All Star Game recap post coming soon!

Buyers? Sellers? No, we’re stand patters…

I’ve heard this conversation a lot this last 5 years, and while yes we might have made one or two moves during the deadline the last 4 years, we are stand patters. First let’s define a buyer. My definition is a team that gives up young talent (with less than 2 years Major League experience, and under 25 years old, for a veteran with at least three credentials, around 2 All Star Games and a league lead in some category. A seller is a team that does just the opposite of a buyer, or the other end of the deal. Stand pat teams are just teams that make meaningless, no frills type deals, one that couldn’t hurt anyone. An example in resent Mets history would be Ryan Church for Jeff Francouer. The Mets last “seller” esque deal came in the 2012-2013 offseason when RA Dickey, Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas was traded for Travis d’Arnaud, Noah ( not going to attempt his last name) and John Buck. Before that the Mets dealt Carlos Beltran to the Giants in exchange for Zack Wheeler. The Mets haven’t made a buyers deal since the Alderson era begun , so it really begs the question, ” How can they label themselves a 90 game winning team? ” Sandy needs to make a “buyer” deal soon, because we have a chance, and you don’t know when you are going to get a second chance!


I have some cool upcoming posts! Including, – AAA All Star Game Recap — Potential trade candidates that make sense


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