Pepper Roundtable: What should the Mets do at the deadline?

The non-waiver trading deadline is tomorrow July 31st. The Mets have reportedly been in the market for various players, and with that we go ask Baseball Bloggers and Fans their opinions.


Niko Goutakolis( Pepper Lead Writer)- I’ve been an advocator to keep Daniel Murphy. He leads the NL in hits, and he is a strong middle of the order bat, thus he should not be included in any trade talks. The Mets could trade for a mid-level shortstop, but I honestly think the Mets are fine with Wilmer Flores for at least the rest of 2014. Dillson Herrera, who the Mets traded for last year, has been one of the most productive players in AAA, and he’s a shortstop, so I would wait to at least test him. The only move the Mets need to make is dumping Colon to free salary. They will probably place him on waivers in August and hope someone picks him up.
Mark Rogers- Mets Fan& Blogger-
I think that the Mets should part ways with Bartolo Colon. With that said, I also think that the Mets should acquire someone very high up as in Cargo or Tulo. I know they would need prospects in return which we have. The Mets should give them Colon, Chris Young, Rafael Montero and maybe someone such like Gee, Dendekker, Nieuwenhuis. All of that for Tulo, now Cargo would be much less probably just like Chris Young, Bartolo, and DenDekker or Niuwenhius. The trade deadline is a tricking time, who knows what will happen.
(Next we have a special guest. We have Devan from , he’s a 13 year old youth writer that writes a great site! Check it out! )
The Mets could get a decent return for Bartolo Colon, who continues to impress even at his age. The Pirates, Royals, and other small market teams that need starting pitching may be in on the hurler. If the Mets maximize what they get for Colon, they could be much closer to winning ways down by improving their farm system.

Tomorrow, the Mets NEED to win

I’m not an advocator for “must-wins” but tomorrow might be different. I think we need to win 5 out of 7 this homestand. Wheeler goes tomorrow, and Niese, deGrom, Colon and Gee over the weekend. Tomorrow’s game starts at noon. The Mets are 7.5 back in the East and 6.5 back in the Wild Card.

@Mets lineups

Phillies vs Mets preview

The Phillies come to town for a three game set, and it’s fair to say this could potentially be 2 very different Phillies teams on Monday and Wednesday. Everyone is saying Philly must sell. And with aging veterans like Jonathan Papelbon, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Marlon Byrd, Carlos Ruiz, A.J Burnett, Cole Hamels, Antonio Bastardo and Ryan Howard, the last place Phillies could look much younger in 2-3 days. Phillies management, though are taking a “stubborn” approach by saying the team still has a chance and could lose ticket revenue if they sell. I’ve never seen the Phillies go under a fire sale. (The Braves never truly had one, but they have no remaining players from 2007-2008, great transition) .The Mets though, don’t really have a set mind on buying or selling.This 7 game homestand might help determine it.I say the Mets will have to at least win 5 out of 7, to call themselves “contenders”.
Tonight: Colon vs Burnett 7:10pm

A Waste of an Article: Inside Access on the Bridgeport Bluefish

The Bluefish are a small Independent League team that play in a “dumpy” stadium in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It wasn’t the best venue, it wasn’t the best price ($11 dollars for 7 innings) and it sure wasn’t the best team. But it was enjoyable.

A crowd of about 1,000 gathered to watch the second place Long Island Ducks face the last place Bridgeport Bluefish.

The game wasn’t swell, the Ducks took the game by force 12-3, but it was the ex-major league players that shocked me. Casper Wells, Fred Lewis and Ramon Castro all retired to the Independent leagues? These players were in the bigs as soon as last year! How is this the case, not one of the 30 MLB teams take a flyer on these guys?
Mets News:
The Mets won their game today 2-0. Jacob deGrom provided 6.1 shutout innings, and Duda supplied the runs with a 2-run blast.

Mets 6 games back in Wild Card

Believe it or not, the Mets are in the race. 6 games out is nothing shabby, but I’ve seen a 7 game lead disappear in 14 games, sadly.I hope that this means that the Mets make a big move, so they can make some more ground in the Wild Card. So who is available in the market? Tulo and Cargo aren’t though I’ve been wrong before. I just don’t see Colorado giving away the face of their franchise. If one of them are available, Zack Wheeler, Familia and Herrera will probably have to go, something I don’t see helping the Mets. So who else could the Mets target? How about Scooter Gennet of the Brewers, of course he is a smaller piece of the puzzle, but he is a strong lead off hitter and could be traded for Colon and a small bat like Matt denDekker. Whatever the Mets do, it has to have substance. And to be clear, the Mets have to make some sort of a move, for multiple reasons, including fanbase interest, and to increase contention.

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Mets’ deGrom for deRookie of deYear?

Niko Goutakolis:

deGrom has been sensational, I just hope they don’t shut him down in early September. The best way to limit his innings would be a 6 man rotation.

Originally posted on Mets Cetera:

After Jacob deGrom wrapped up seven more sparkling innings in Tuesday’s 3-1 Mets win over the Mariners, manager Terry Collins noted that “this guy’s got numbers to match up any rookie in the league.”

Well, does he? Certainly after that performance, deGrom made a statement that his name belongs in the National League Rookie of the Year discussion. Thanks in large part to a weak NL field — Jose Abreu, George Springer, Dellin Betances and Jake Odorizzi all play in the American League — deGrom now leads all NL rookies with 1.3 fWAR and ranks third overall behind Billy Hamilton of the Reds and Chris Owings of the Diamondbacks. But those players both have significant flaws.

Hamilton (3.2 fWAR) derives the bulk of his value from baserunning and defense, which — and it’s a shame, but it’s true — are not always high on many voters’…

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Opinion: The Mets need to stop experimenting

The Mets are experimenting, and its time to stop. Last nights game was possibly the worst matchup of the year for the Mets, so it’s fair to be critical. The Mets Chris Young is in one of his longest funks of the year. Collins put him in the lineup batting 6th, against a right handed pitcher. Am I missing something? Collins is the father of lefty-righty match-ups, and all of a sudden to his weakest player, batting under 200, in a crucial game and with better outfielders waiting on the bench, you play CY? This makes very little sense, in fact it makes NO SENSE. I’ve watched Young, hold up a roster spot that could be vacated by Kirk, den Dekker or Josh Satin, but no.. Chris Young. Valverde and Farnsworth both had to look over their shoulders and see young players, and they both weren’t having dream seasons (era’s in the 4’s) but it’s ok, they had no-frills deals, contracts worth less than a million because of mediocre seasons in past. Why was Chris Young offered a 7 million dollar deal  when he hasn’t hit 230 in 3 years! That was a horrible experiment! The Mets should have signed Marlon Byrd, because at least he had a good 2013. 

Series Preview: Mets @ Brewers

The road trip continues as the Mets face the Brewers in a four-game series. Even without Granderson and Chris Young, it’s gonna be quite a matchup. The “Brew Crew” and The Mets go all the way back to 1998! The all-time record between the two is; Mets 62 wins, Brewers 48 wins. The odds are looking good. If your remember earlier this year, the Mets only have one win against the Brewers and that came along with Dice-K going six strong innings and a Daniel Murphy and a Taylor Teagarden home run! Now the Mets don’t have Teagarden in the Majors now but hopefully d’Arnaud will continue to hit. Now enough about history here’s the series probables:





This is just Dillon Gee’s third start back from the DL and he has been doing pretty good. He had one bad start after the All-Star break giving up four runs in just five innings. Zach Wheeler has his days where he can hold down the game for six or seven innings or he can go eight or nine innings giving up one run. The sophomore has been bringing his ERA down in his last 5 starts from 4.45 now at 3.78. Jon Niese is entering into his second start back from the DL and Gee has been doing pretty good, having a 3.13 ERA. Finally, Jacob deGrom has been on fire in his last 6 starts having a 1.59 ERA with 45 strikeouts. The RoY campaign continues for him.

Posted by: Mark Rogers (Pepper Intern)

How can Jeremy Hefner help the 2014 Mets?

Jeremy Hefner was a huge surprise in 2013. He was one of the best pitchers in Baseball coming out of the break, up until he hurt his shoulder in late July and underwent Tommy John Surgery. His injury and Matt Harvey’s closed the book on the 2013 season, but now the Hefner is around 3 weeks away from returning.What can we expect if anything?

I hate when injuries ruin careers, and I fear that with the Mets pitching depth, Hefner might get overlooked, but there is a scenario where he becomes a vital part of the Mets staff. If Colon is traded, I could see Hefner bridging the pitching gap until Noah Syndergaard is ready for his call-up. Then and if Thor gets the call, I would keep Jeremy to create a 6-Man rotation, something we’ve seen the Mets and occasional other teams do in the past. I think a 6 man rotation is formidable because it would increase the depth and would give pitchers more rest to face the opponents, and also a 6 man rotation means pitchers like deGrom, Wheeler, Syndergaard would have to be shut down due to innings limits because of the extra rest, and you would also be able to get pitchers to the end of season, which is a self-accomplishment. If Bartolo sticks around (I’m really against this, the Mets staff would be weakened by a 42 year old Veteran who looks like he is nearing the end of his career) then whenever Jeremy is ready, you start the 6 man rotation, and when Thor is ready in September, you slot Hefner in the bullpen with the occasional spot-start. Of course having too much pitching is a great problem to have, as the Mets have other good starters like Dice-K and Carlos Torres available on-call. Hopefully we will see Hefner in 2 weeks time. It looks like he will make 2-3 more rehab starts before his long awaited call-up back from injury.

Posted by: Niko Goutakolis


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