Featured: A Mets Fans Plea – Originally posted in July (MMO)

It’s hard to perform under pressure. I’ve always felt sorry for bomb squad guys and hockey goalies, although the bomb guys have these awesome robots now, but lets not get on the subject of robots. Pressure can be paralyzing… deer in the headlights kind of thing. But you figure with a deer in the headlights it’s one big thump and it’s over, quick, bam. With these Mets the pain is prolonged, drawn out, like being chained to a pickup truck and dragged at 10 mph through a beet farm.

Players who can perform under pressure are sometimes described as “clutch.” You might say the Mets of recent years have not been known as a particularly clutch group, you might. Clutch is an interesting word. You clutch your Mets-gear stuffed penguin during thunderstorms, or you replace the clutch in your blue Chevy Cobalt (with orange hubcaps), but a clutch performance? I suppose you can clutch or “seize the moment” in a sense, but what does that even mean? Very vague.

I guess David Wright has been a pretty clutch guy, but mostly when it hasn’t mattered a lot, and therein lies the problem. See, how could you be clutch on a bad team? The nature of “clutchness” is performing miraculous feats that result in wins … if you don’t win, by definition you aren’t clutch, correct? But I guess hitting with men in scoring position is “clutch.”

Either way the Mets are not clutch, unless you’re talking about the clutch you do when you get kicked in the privates. Which, remarkably, is what it has begun to feel like every time Chris Young strikes out with the bases loaded. It’s so hard to ignore … like Sisyphus, that guy who had to roll a gynormous boulder almost to the top of a mountain only to see it roll all the way back down the hill every day for eternity … something like that only with more agita. It’s cruel really, just by force of habit it’s hard to look away when the bases are loaded. Oh you can pretend you don’t care, or even take the predicting-the-disaster-see-I-told-you-so approach but you can’t look away no matter how hard you try.

This Mets team is almost charming in how averse they are to timely hits. Really, they’re amazing if only because statistically It’s improbable to repeatedly strand that many men. In that sense you can think of it in terms of watching something really incredible like a herd of bison running off a cliff … it’s momentous, unless you’re standing at the bottom of the cliff.

The thing about clutch performances is they happen under pressure, and nowhere do you get more of that than in New York. You see, one important thing I’ve learned about stress is you don’t get better at it the longer you have it, it’s not like a yo-yo, unless its a poisonous, slowly-killing you, radioactive yo-yo. Mets fans have become so hyper-sensitive to the stress and disappointment of failing in comical and horrible ways, we boo poor Taylor Teagarden for not hitting a home run every game.

This is why MLB must step in and stop this madness. Met fans are getting nastier … They’re organizing in hideous angry droves … it’s like a zombie virus. We stumble around with yellow eyes moaning and drooling and occasionally yelling “swing … Aaargh just swing!” It’s debilitating, it can interfere with work, family, Sudoku … not good.

So I send a plea to Major League Baseball … Think of the ruined family outings, think of all the Mets fans who will kick the dog and burn the brats and threaten to beat uncle Frank with a section of tailpipe all because of one too many non-scoring bases loaded with no one out situations? All we ask for are some owners who can afford to repair this team. Please MLB, think of the poor dog with the sad eyes, make a move, do the humane thing, force a sale.

Jacob deGrom throws pen session before today’s game




StatLook: MetsFinal – Loss 6-1

Box Score

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Runs Hits Errors
ATL 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 3
NY 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0

I have a cool new feature that I found looking at box scores, here is each teams method of reach:

I think this is cool because it shows us new ways to think about how teams set up innings, and how many base-runners each tea, had and how they were accounted for. Another cool stat is offense per inning, which shows you just how much the Mets offense has lacked.


@Mets lineups

Mets Promo Ideas: Blueprints

The Mets have had some pretty awesome promotions this year, like Floppy Hats

Bobbleheads of Grandy, Nolan Ryan and Casey Stengel

Free Shirt Fridays

Duane Reade Concerts

But as the offseason nears,so does the end of the promos. So what should the Mets give away in 2015? I have 3 ideas for new promos that would be cool. First, I want to see Rally Towels like we’ve never seen before at Citi. Especially because Rally towels are the craze with the Mets players these days. T7L has released a Hit Towel, available for purchase ($7) on their website, and features a cool design featuring the skyline logo.

Next, how about a squishy ball? Yes, that sounds childish, but it’s better than Plastic Cup or Keychain day. It would be a good promotion for Family Sundays.

Lastly, how about a Catch on the field pre-game? The Cyclones and B-Mets regularly feature this before day games. That would be an improvement over the stale Mr.Met Dash.
*** Mets 7 Back In Wild Card ***

Pepper Show (S2-E1)

Day at the Game: Metropolitan Baseball Classic 2014

Today I went to see the action at the 2nd Annual Metropolitan Baseball Classic. The participants were 8 college level academy teams. Team Elite went home with their 2nd championship (REPEAT!) over CBA.

Me and my dad went to the game and got front row seats for a Lincoln! One of the most interesting things about the game was the cool shades that formed from dawn to dusk. It would be generous to say that there were 500 people in the crowd, but it didn’t matter, 1 concession open, 1 bathroom open but hard core baseball and I must say, the players were very good.

The Classic should have been better promoted, I was very happily surprised with what I witnessed. I hope to go back next year! Here are some extra photos that I took of the champions.


5 Must-Do’s at a Baseball Game

Going to the game? Here are a couple things to remember!

1. Arrive Early- I love MLB Ballparks. Each one is unique. Don’t be the last one in the park. You will rush do do everything and miss the game. Touring the park is fun and all. But come game time. It’s all Baseball!
2. Watch the damn game- C’mon guys! Stop looking at your phones during the game. You have the offseason to do that.
3. Get into the spirit- Participate in chants, sing-a-longs, and fan generated screams.
4.The Game will end when the game ends- Baseball dosent have a clock. Stay for extra-innings. (Usually) You wont regret it!
5. Your Up!- Be safe, pay attention and have fun! This is America’s Pastime! Live it!
Whats your favorite game routine? Tweet us or comment now!

Mets @ Dodgers : Series Preview


After a series split with Oakland, the Mets move on to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers. Jacob deGrom returns after a stint on the 15 Day DL, to face Zack Grenkie and the LA offense. The Dodgers have a steady lead on the NL West as we head into the home stretch of the MLB Season. This Dodgers series will be fun, as the Mets will be showcasing their best pitchers this weekend. Unfortunately, most of us won’t be able to watch as it’s all late night ballgames. The Mets next game is tomorrow at 10:10 pm, Niese vs Haren.

Re-Evaluating my Season Preview

Here is what I said about the Mets on MLB Blog prior to spring training:
Hey everyone! I’ve been busy working for Pepper:MLB Blog that I kind of “abandoned” Mets Flash!
Well, I’m back and here to give you my 2014 roster projection.
I believe the Mets Starting Rotation will look a little bit like this:
1. Jon Niese
2. Zack Wheeler
3.Dillon Gee
4. Bartolo Colon
5. John Lannan or Daisuke Matsusaka
Report= B+
The Rotation is good, yet I think people are overvaluing Colon. He is a number #4 pitcher at best, and has very little stamina. I believe Lannan wins the battle for the Fifth Starter, as a truly dont like Dice-K’s stuff.
Carlos Torres
Scott rice
Kyle Farnsworth
Jose Valverde
Vic Black
Bobby Parnell
(The loser of the #5)
Report: A-
I think the bullpen is a strength of this years Mets Club, Valverde was a steal, because if he can find his pitch, he can be dominant.
Anthony Recker
Travis D’arnaud
report : B
D’Arnaud’s offense was mediocre last year, but if he can give us 15 HR’s I will be satisfied.
Well that’s all for today, I’ll give you Part 2 later this week.

1B Lucas Duda
2B Daniel Murphy
SS Wilmer Flores
3B David Wright
Review: A
This Infield is really good. Though we could potentially have a different 1B and SS, I believe that this is the best alignment. It’s time for the Mets to move on from Ike. I’m sick of seeing Davis struggle in Spring. Enough is enough eventually. Also Tejada seriously needs to hit in Spring Training. Tejada’s average needs to be above 250, and that’s mediocre at best!
LF Eric Young Jr
CF Chris Young
RF Curtis Granderson
Review: B+
The additions of Young and Granderson will certainly help the Mets cause. I hope Lagares makes the team as a back up if he doesn’t start. I like him on the Mets.
IF-Josh Satin
C- Anthony Recker ( last post)
OF- Juan Lagares
OF- Matt DenDekker
IF- Omar Q.
Review: C+
I was a little harsh back in March, …. but I feel like all of the points I touched on were accurate, and I take credit in predicting big things for Jacob deGrom. I think that next year, with the bar set higher the Mets will prove themselves worthy of a playoff spot. Good times are around the corner for sure for Los Mets.


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